What is NFT Art?

NFT art is a form of digital art that allows artists to reach larger audiences, receive proper credit and compensation, and create a powerful community. There are different types of NFT art, such as PFP collections, collectibles, and 1/1 art pieces.  

NFTs have been an incredible way for artists to make money from their work. Beeple for example is one of the most famous NFT artists. Pre-web3, he couldn’t sell his art for more than $150, but his NFT sold at a Christies Auction for $69M.

There are different places for artists to showcase, sell and trade their digital art. Opensea and SuperRare are two of the largest digital marketplaces for NFT Art. Instagram also just launched their NFT marketplace. 

NFTs also ensure that artists continue to receive compensation for their work. Because of the blockchain, royalties are built in to make sure artists are given a cut of the secondary sale. So, if someone buys your art and then sells it again, you are still given a part of the payment.

NFT art is also a great way to show support for a mission you care about by raising money for the cause. Collectors can show off their piece in virtual galleries and profiles, or IRL with digital art frames + physical art. 

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