Answers to your questions about the Miss O Cool Girls NFT Collection here!

Confused about all these terms?2023-01-31T16:44:31+00:00

We’ve put together a buzz words post that can help guide you.

Confused about how to set up your wallet?2023-01-31T16:43:51+00:00

Here is a helpful tutorial from our co-founder Juliette that takes you through it all.

Ready to set up a wallet?2023-01-31T16:43:04+00:00

It’s easy! After getting permission from your parent, create a MetaMask Wallet here  *Security tip! Always make sure to use the official link. For MetaMask, never another extension like .com or .xyz. Double check links before you do anything and confirm with trusted sources and official accounts.

Already have a wallet?2023-01-31T16:42:24+00:00

We’ll need your wallet ID to send you ethereum (the crypto currency most used to buy NFTs). Your wallet ID is like your phone number, but for crypto. It’s how to send and receive money and NFTs. It’s ok to share your wallet ID, but NEVER share your password or keyphrase!

Not ready to set up a wallet?2023-01-31T16:41:22+00:00

That’s cool too! We’d love for you to still sign up so we can share information and you can choose what you want to do from there.

Setting up a wallet2023-01-31T16:37:08+00:00

We suggest setting up your digital wallet (aka the wallet where you buy cryptocurrencies) before you sign up, but if you need help setting it up, we can take you through that too!

Want to learn more about us?2023-01-31T17:02:30+00:00

Check out our press page!

Will any funds be donated?2023-01-31T17:02:51+00:00

7% of initial sales will be donated amongst a few foundations that are aligned with our mission. 2% of initial sales will go toward creating the Miss O Cool Girls NFT Fund, to invest and support other girl and women focused NFT projects. These will be suggested and voted on by our community.

What will the funds be used for?2023-01-31T17:02:59+00:00

Sales from Miss O Cool Girls will directly go back into the company to fund development of our community across all different medias including (but forever expanding) our website, apps, series, the metaverse, marketing, physical product and of course, growing and building out our roadmap and new partnerships.

With whatever we do, we will always be grounded in our mission to help empower and build self-esteem in girls to continue to offset the issues arising from current media consumption and investment.

Will any token be withheld from sale?2023-01-31T17:03:08+00:00

Yes, 200. For the team, marketing and giveaways!

How much will it cost to mint?2023-01-31T17:03:15+00:00

.04 ETH + Gas. You will be able to mint up to 20 per transaction and 200 per wallet address.

How many Miss O Cool Girls will there be?2023-01-31T17:03:23+00:00

There will be 10,000 Miss O Cool Girls all 1/1 based on over 600 traits.

How do I get a Miss O Cool Girl?2023-01-31T17:03:31+00:00

Miss O Cool Girls are availble to mint now! and Opensea for secondary market

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