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We’re excited to bring our amazing community of tween girls, women and non-binary into the NFT world and with that comes our commitment to education.

Miss O Cool Girls major commitment to education will be our $25k Girls Who Mint Fund, providing 250 moxies (Miss O members, friends of Miss O, women and non-binary interested in learning about NFTs) the opportunity to receive $100 worth of ETH to use toward learning how to mint and buying their first Miss O Cool Girls NFT. This fund will continue to grow!


If so, what's your screen name?
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If you have a Wallet ID, add it here. If not, leave it blank and we will help you with it.

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We want to help take the pressure off, and lower the barrier to entry to help you learn and get involved. Here’s some FAQ to check out!

Confused about all these terms?2023-01-31T16:44:31+00:00

We’ve put together a buzz words post that can help guide you.

Confused about how to set up your wallet?2023-01-31T16:43:51+00:00

Here is a helpful tutorial from our co-founder Juliette that takes you through it all.

Ready to set up a wallet?2023-01-31T16:43:04+00:00

It’s easy! After getting permission from your parent, create a MetaMask Wallet here  *Security tip! Always make sure to use the official link. For MetaMask, never another extension like .com or .xyz. Double check links before you do anything and confirm with trusted sources and official accounts.

Already have a wallet?2023-01-31T16:42:24+00:00

We’ll need your wallet ID to send you ethereum (the crypto currency most used to buy NFTs). Your wallet ID is like your phone number, but for crypto. It’s how to send and receive money and NFTs. It’s ok to share your wallet ID, but NEVER share your password or keyphrase!

Not ready to set up a wallet?2023-01-31T16:41:22+00:00

That’s cool too! We’d love for you to still sign up so we can share information and you can choose what you want to do from there.

Setting up a wallet2023-01-31T16:37:08+00:00

We suggest setting up your digital wallet (aka the wallet where you buy cryptocurrencies) before you sign up, but if you need help setting it up, we can take you through that too!

We love hearing from you! Reach out and connect with us here!

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