What the term “Metaverse” mean?

The term “Metaverse” is suddenly everywhere and it’s being integrated into some of the world’s largest companies. 

There are definitely stereotypes of the metaverse, but it’s more than just a male-dominated video game like experience. It’s a fun and immersive social opportunity to connect with others authentically around the globe. And guess what! If you play any games online you are already participating in metaverse-like worlds!

Metaverse applications bring together content and community and become a part of our real world. For example, if you go to your favorite store and buy a new sweatshirt for yourself, you can also get the digital version of it to use on your avatar in any games you play. Think about it as a digital extension of your everyday life. 

The metaverse allows us to access different types of experiences no matter where in the world we are! You can play games, shop, and consume entertainment regardless of location.

The Metaverse is more than just science fiction and video games. It will revolutionize every industry and everyday actions from finance, to healthcare, education, shopping and more. It can help make life easier by allowing us to complete more real-life tasks digitally! 

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