What is Safety and Security in Web3?

One of the main concerns people have is security- how can we be sure that the contents of our wallet are safe & that we won’t be scammed? 

First, be aware of fake accounts. Often, impersonators modify the official account’s username by adding an extra letter or symbol to it… so always triple-check that you are engaging with the correct creator or account! And don’t just trust the blue verified checkmark. 

Another thing to watch out for is phishing. You know those fake emails or text messagings you get to click a link to claim your prize or verify something on your bank account? You know not to click those, so the same applies here. Do not click on any links from unknown accounts. Official accounts will never send you a DM asking you to click to claim a prize– this is fake. 

Finally, wallet safety and security. When you set up your wallet, you are given a seed phrase. Think of your seed phrase as the “back up” for your wallet if you ever forget your password. Make sure to immediately write this down (yes on paper!) in a few secure places. If ever receive a message asking for your seed phrase– that’s a scam! For extra security, store your NFTs and crypto on a hard wallet, like Ledger, or use another wallet for transactions only. 

Take precautions, be smart, stay alert, just as you would with any other personal information. If it feels too good to be true, it usually is. And if you’re still not sure about something, ask a friend to get their thoughts.  Web3 is always better (and safer) with a friend.

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