What does a NFT Utility do?

One way to think about NFTs is as a pass and by owning that NFT, you get certain benefits + perks. Let’s talk about what you can get. 

Access- Some NFTs provide their owners exclusive access to content or events like videos, concerts, art exhibits, shopping experiences, or education. For example, an NFT can be a digital ticket allowing you to go to a concert, that also then unlocks an exclusive 5 songs from your favorite singer and a special super fan merch shop that only people who hold the NFTs can get.

Membership + subscriptions- Think about having a library card. With your library card, you can go to the library whenever you want and check out books. An NFT can act as a digital library card for things like a gym, social club or fan club or subscriptions to magazines, tv services, brand loyalty programs, or exclusive products. 

Fundraising- When you purchase an NFT, you become part of its community. Not only are you helping to fund the growth of the brand or project you support, but you also get to be part of building that community. NFTs are a great way to show your involvement in causes and projects that are important to you and a powerful way to build awareness. 

NFTs are more than just a .jpg. They are a way to build meaningful connections and unlock rewards through your passions, hobbies and interests. 

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